Nap bars

March 1, 2016

2:30 p.m. The after-lunch drowsiness is getting the better of you. Your eyelids are heavy and begging you to get some sleep. The question: where can you find a peaceful spot to snooze? The answer: the nap bar. The first ever nap bar was created in Paris in 2011.

A young couple opened a tiny Parisian cocoon where you can indulge in a delicious nap. Walk in with your fatigue and leave it there in a massage bed of jade stones or in a zero gravity chair. Cradled by soft music and subdued light, you’ll feel your daily worries evaporate. In certain Asian countries, the siesta is mandatory. It helps us recuperate our physical and intellectual energy. Rolling jade stone shiatsu massage beds and anti-gravity chairs in dimly lit curtained chambers welcome the weary, while headphones playing soft music completely block the outside world. Manicures, pedicures and head and foot massages are also available.

For tourists, this is better than a cafe, where they are often uncomfortable, badly seated, and unable to rest.

Likewise there are siesta bars in Brussels  and an all women only nap bar in Tokyo.

Currently, from March 9—31 of 2016, French design house Smarin will host an installation in Design Days Dubai that features a designated space for visitors to snooze. The Nap Bar features a special nap pillow, poncho, original lullaby, special herb tea and essential oils to create the ultimate relaxing experience for dozing off.

The space is actually made up of various pieces and collections from Smarin. For starters, visitors can lie down on a dune, a lounge chair “made out of foam of different densities for perfect support” as described in a press release. The chair encourages visitors to “read, sit and dream.”

This will be a dream come true for ambitious tourists and travelling company associates. Rather than spending time stuck in a bar or a coffee shop this will be a dream stop for bustling people who are always on their feet. Much needed stop to catch some rejuvenating zzzz’s.

While doing my reading up on these nap bars I came across these fantastic personal nap pods and I wanted to share them with you to showcase how creative people are. Creativity knows no bounds and nothing like an aesthetically beautiful space for nap time.

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  • Reply Aria on March 1, 2016 says;

    You post with a style!! This is yet another awesome post! Where do you read or get such information!

    I love each of these nap bars. Amazing.

  • Reply Karen M. Moore on March 1, 2016 says;

    Very creative! I wonder how much people spend and on what all 😀

  • Reply Jammie de la Cuesta on March 1, 2016 says;

    What?? Nap Bars??? Really!! Damn… This world is really Rich!

  • Reply Tara on March 1, 2016 says;

    Holly Molly~~
    These are stunning! Never thought of such an idea at all first place! What a lovely post

  • Reply Agnus D on March 1, 2016 says;

    Dubai??? They are so lucky! I think I must fly to dubai!

  • Reply Yasmin Pinto Fernandes on March 1, 2016 says;

    Oh.. I feel like continuing to sleep! And specially if one of this is there, i won’t wake up at all

  • Reply Ursula on March 1, 2016 says;

    Ok.. I must go back to bed….thank you for the post

  • Reply Katherine on March 1, 2016 says;

    You have out done yourself again… Brilliant post

  • Reply Abbie Haynes on March 1, 2016 says;

    Awesome stuff here!

  • Reply Teri on March 1, 2016 says;

    Its so comfortable and cozy

  • Reply Jasmine on March 1, 2016 says;

    Its a wonderful post dear P. Did not know there is so much going on in this world

  • Reply Yamani K on March 1, 2016 says;

    Awesome post!

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    Good post. Thanks for this share!!

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    Beautiful post and share! Cannot imagine ones life

  • Reply Sharimah Binte Shariff on March 1, 2016 says;

    Wow; This is awesome! You have such unique posts in your blog! You Rock (Y)

  • Reply Jessica Grant on March 1, 2016 says;

    Great Post! Love these nap bars

  • Reply Shayna M. from Detroit on March 1, 2016 says;

    This is really crazy!!!

  • Reply Sabína on March 1, 2016 says;

    I love the last picture! It is amazing! Lovely post

  • Reply ecoNugenics on March 1, 2016 says;

    Oh great. I need one of these at my home

  • Reply Danna Tanner-Lambeth on March 1, 2016 says;

    This will be an awesome idea in the airpots! Or the First Class Lounges… It will super

  • Reply Elena Poensgengen on March 1, 2016 says;

    Excellent concept

  • Reply Thelma J. Godfrey on March 1, 2016 says;

    Brilliant post and those nap bars are way to comfortable.

  • Reply wendy R. on March 1, 2016 says;

    relaxation is a must. these are nice ways to relax. good thinking

  • Reply Hanah on March 1, 2016 says;

    Everything is beautiful. Your blog, the posts, this post in particular… I never knew so many things really existed.

  • Reply Amina Omari on March 1, 2016 says;

    Raving! Where do people get time for all this.. :O

    Nice share. I should visit dubai!

  • Reply Rebekka on March 1, 2016 says;

    The one outside near the river is awesome. It would be so nice to actually stay out and take a great break.

  • Reply Abbie Haynes on March 1, 2016 says;

    The one under the sea, where you can see the fishes is awesome. I just hope some sharks don’t come and see there is a dead person there to just knock that glass down and pick you up 😀

    Nice post. Love the pictures.

  • Reply Fe van dam on March 1, 2016 says;

    Its very nice always to see a post from you! You have such beautiful posts in your blog.

  • Reply Leslie Fennell on March 1, 2016 says;

    damnit these are great! how the hell does ppl live.

  • Reply Daniella S on March 1, 2016 says;

    Amazing post! Nice work

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    Nice and informative post. Always nice to read your posts

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    Great post! Nice to know all that is happening around the world

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    Like fifine mentioned earlier, I see that you have a lot of interesting articles in your blog. And nothing is confined to “a” particular subject or theme. Thats why your blog is more liked or very attractive when seen with many others. You have all-round information out here which is a very nice thing to do. But I also notice a lot of new bloggers come with the Big Bang, but loose the rhythm slowly. I hope not to see that here, as you have a lot of quality in here. I somehow feel in my heart, that you should not loose this. My heart does not want to see this blog loosing its charm. Somewhere, I’m attached very much to this blog.

    I love to see more from you! Have a nice day

  • Reply Janice on March 1, 2016 says;

    Indeed a fantastic post!

  • Reply rain77 on March 2, 2016 says;

    Amazing!! Its really a great place to nap!.. Good post

  • Reply Camila on March 2, 2016 says;

    Really a great post! This is awesome! Love to goto the nap bars for sure.

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